Scott Douglas

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Due to restrictions on gatherings, Chapter meetings have been put on hold
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I initially established my business to give me the ability to oversee community development projects in developing nations as part of a missional cause … that was eleven years ago. Since then, as well as achieving the missional goal of the business, I have worked with Christian business people and managers to support them in their areas of influence. In today’s society there is a huge call for Kingdom minded business people and managers who can influence workplaces and business sectors positively. Mark Bilton, Founder and President of Called to Business says: “God has handcrafted, anointed, appointed and placed you in the workplace for a specific purpose”. Forming this Chapter is to draw likeminded people together who are determined to apply their God given purpose in the marketplace.

My own background has been in human services in senior management roles, on organisational and company Boards, co-founder and prior President of an international development organisation, and through my business as a business consultant and quality management Lead Auditor.

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